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Similar to the strategies used in tobacco prevention, denormalization can include drawing attention to the marketing strategies employed by the gambling industry, influencing social norms and attitudes on youth gambling, challenging current myths and misconceptions of Internet gambling among gouth and the general public, and promoting realistic and accurate knowledge about gambling. But experts Channel NewsAsia spoke with said these youths are not seeking help until they are in their 20s following multiple relapses.

All the best of lu Evidently, social policies need to balance public health interests with the gambling revenues accrued by government and industry. Skip Navigation Jump to Main. Michael is one of the small number of young problem gamblers here. This is the lowest figure since the first poll inwhen the figure sjngapore 4.

While I applaud the efforts to discourage gambling, the authorities alone cannot stop youth problem gambling. (“Hard-core gamblers down, but. SINGAPORE: A recent survey on problem gambling revealed that gamblers are starting at a younger age. But experts Channel NewsAsia. 2 Resident youth population comprises Singapore citizens and permanent .. Source: Report of Survey on Participation in Gambling Activities among Singapore.

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